A German

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A young pilot is shot down over Germany and captured by a ruthless group of Nazis during WWII. Faced with certain death and with fear pulling at his heart, will the American, hardly more than a boy, bravely answer the questioning with truth?

A german— one Nazi with a fierce battle inside.

A pilot— one prisoner with a secret Strength.

Each has something the other needs. Can they both be saved by working together?

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Maggie is a home-schooled girl with a large imagination and a love to write. Most importantly she is a child of the King of kings, Whom she longs to glorify always. She loves books, stars, rainstorms, mud fights, ice-cream, WWII stories, Christmas, and people. She loves to write, go camping, sing, and be with friends. Maggie and her family of 9 love their Christ centered church very much. She couldn’t be more thankful for her wonderful life and the ones in it.

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2 Responses

  1. Maddy
    | Reply

    I just grabbed a free copy off of amazon and I loved it! The cover is gorgeous. <3

    • Maggie
      | Reply

      That’s great, Maddy! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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