As the new generation of Christian authors, we rise to the challenge of providing clean, God-honoring books to the world.

Kate Willis has been homeschooled her whole life in a loving family that values the Gospel of Jesus Christ, creativity, and thoughtful conversations. She is inspired by red shoes, a good story, little children, and chai tea. It is her desire to serve God in the home having a family of her own in the future. She is the author of The Treasure HuntThe Twin Arrows, and a short story Enjoy the Poodle Skirt.

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Justus Platt is a home-school graduate and a passionate writer of historical literature. He hopes to obtain a degree in writing, which he desires to use for crafting God-glorifying, exciting books for young men. A book critic, amateur theologian, and trombonist, he and his family live in his native Arizona. The Quest of Faith Trilogy is his debut plunge into literature.

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Susie Hubler is a Christian who loves to draw, read, write, and play the piano. She is a home school student and lives in Arizona with her family of eight.

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Tanner is a passionate Creation Scientist (unofficially, but still a scientist) and that love of science leads him to write sci-fi that gives glory to the Creator. Whether it’s writing stories about superheroes, time travel, or good old space adventures, you can be sure God will get the glory. With that said, Tanner is a major dinosaur enthusiast… and a bit of a goof. Somewhere in his writings you will find a dinosaur or some other absurdity.

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Maggie is a home-schooled girl with a large imagination and a love to write. Most importantly she a child of the King of kings, Whom she long to glorify always. She loves books, stars, rainstorms, mud fights, ice-cream, WWII stories, Christmas, and people. She loves to write, go camping, sing, and be with friends. Maggie and her family of 9 love their Christ centered church very much. She couldn’t be more thankful for her wonderful life and the ones in it.

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Paul Willis is an average guy seeking to glorify God. He is a homeschool graduate and happy about it. He will always be learning the crafts of writing and independent publishing. He is picky about what he writes—it must be comedic or meaningful, and above all, it must be clean.

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About Christianna

Christianna is a Christian girl who loves to snuggle up with her six littles to read meaningful stories that give real life examples of how to live God’s sacred Word. She also likes to spend time with her dogs and in the kitchen, when she isn’t gardening or writing. She lives in her native sunny AZ with all the wonderful family God has given her.

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