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Our Story

We know the feeling. Always searching for a new book to read, a GOOD book to read.

We have been on that never ending search. Fact is, there is a desert wasteland– a sad, gaping donut hole– labeled “clean fiction”.

We are the next generation of authors. It is our job to rise to the challenge and write good books for the glory of Christ the King!

Generation Rising: Homeschooled Authors was founded in the spring of 2017. 

The ten original members, all writer friends in the Arizona area, first pulled together to have a book table at the Arizona Families for Home Education convention that year. 

Over the years our group has changed, but our goal is forever the same: giving good books to the world.


Our writing skills may not be amazing yet, but we are always learning and improving, working towards excellence. 

We pray that our books will encourage you to draw closer to God, and hope that you will enjoy each unique story that waits between the covers.

Our Board Members

Elijah Hubler

book advocate

Elijah coordinated our first year at AFHE Convention in 2017 and contributes to organizing us in many ways. He serves on the team while working toward publishing his novels.

Maggie Joy

author//book advocate

Maggie has a special way with words and is an energetic source of support on this team, ready to jump in wherever needed. She is the author of The Star Under the City.

Paul Willis


Paul is getting his degree in something techy and helps the team by designing our website, banner, business cards, etc. He is the author of Crossroads.

Joel Wright

book advocate


Malachi Cyr


Malachi coordinated our table at AFHE Convention in 2018, and our team has dubbed him the #1 writing encourager. He is the author of Through All Things.

Tanner Froreich

author//book advocate

Tanner always pushes us to do better and coordinated our book table at the AFHE Convention in 2019. He is the author of The Blue Blur series.

Anna Willis


Anna enjoys helping in any ways she can. When not working as publicist for the team, she writes her novel and short stories and looks forward to publishing.

“If they won’t write the kind of books we like to read, we shall have to write them ourselves.”