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Hi! I’m Kate Willis. I come from a family that breathes stories, so when I list my hobbies it’s hilarious how many have to do with words. I have independently published three books and multiple short stories. My first book, The Treasure Hunt, was originally written as a gift for one of my sisters, but my mom encouraged me to make it available to other young readers as well. I love the Gospel, red shoes, a good story, little children, thoughtful conversations, and chai tea. (With chocolate. Because.) 

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  • In Word-Related News
    I haven’t written a single new word on my novella this week. Which is bad for wordcount goals, but good for other things. 😉 Like finishing two books I’ve been reading for FOREVER. 😀 I started reading this book last month and made it pretty far before stopping because I felt very stressed by the […]
  • Bibliophile Sweater Tag
    Autumn is my favorite season, and books are one of my absolute favoritest things, so when Lilian tagged me for this “Bibliophile Sweater Tag”, I kinda geeked out. 😀 Thanks so much, Lilian!!! (And be sure to check out her post, it’s pretty fun.) Okay, let’s get started. 1- A Fuzzy Sweater (a book that is […]
  • Plate Update: Threads, Sour Cream, and Storytime
    I blinked and October was over. O.o. *waves* October’s full plate had a few squares of almond flour coffee cake because I enjoyed experimenting with/perfecting new flavors. 😀 Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month. 😉 Pleasure read: Echoes of Mercy (three stars) Like Magic (three stars) Henry and the Chalk Dragon […]

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