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Hi! I’m just a Christian girl who loves the human soul. Because I see God’s fingerprints illuminating everything in the story of life, I know there is always hope. And I write to share that promise with others. I long to capture through my writing the joys, tears, dreams, and fears of the human heart and to cause the reader to understand and feel understood themselves. My aim is to speak the truth — even when ugly, to point to the master Author, and to remind others that because of Christ, life is beautiful.

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RSS The Poet Under the Sidewalk
  • a poem
    the rain always affects me. when im burying myself in work, not taking any time to think, avoiding anything that resembles something thoughtful…. and then it rains. somehow it forces me to stop. to remember. to think through. to cry. to accept. to keep walking with my head held a little higher. or the times […]
  • today
    i think it’s easy for us, as humans, to hold onto the hard. the hurt. the pain. it’s easy to be swallowed up by it and to see nothing but the tears in our own eyes and the eyes of others. i’m challenging myself to look for the good moments that God gives us, and […]
  • someone’s stranger.
    i don’t think we will ever know the impact we can have on those around us. family, friends, yes, but right now, i’m talking about strangers. you know, those people you pass all the time as you hurry about your own life. i was out and about for a good part of yesterday and a […]

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