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Hi! I’m just a Christian girl who loves the human soul. Because I see God’s fingerprints illuminating everything in the story of life, I know there is always hope. And I write to share that promise with others. I long to capture through my writing the joys, tears, dreams, and fears of the human heart and to cause the reader to understand and feel understood themselves. My aim is to speak the truth — even when ugly, to point to the master Author, and to remind others that because of Christ, life is beautiful.

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  • let’s remember
    i used to think that the world was a beautiful place. when reality hit my little 17 year old self, i was devastated. what happened? what happened to “it’s a beautiful life”? what went wrong? was satan suddenly winning? what was going on? i thought: i had a lot of thinking to do. and this […]
  • T.A.T. blog tour!!
    hey guys 🙂 we’ve got an interview today!! join me in welcoming none other than Malachi Cyr, Mission HQ Commander and author of the new release Through All Things!! Hello Malachi! It’s good to have you here! Great to be here! I’m excited to be a part of the blog tour for your newest novel, Through […]
  • 2018 convention just around the corner!
    hey people! Generation Rising is excitedly getting all ready for the conference on July 13th and 14th 2018. i’ve ordered copies of my debut novel The Star Under the City for stock at the convention and am very happy with them. as I mentioned last time, i’ve done another edit and even changed the font (totally […]

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