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Hi! I’m just a Christian girl who loves the human soul. Because I see God’s fingerprints illuminating everything in the story of life, I know there is always hope. And I write to share that promise with others. I long to capture through my writing the joys, tears, dreams, and fears of the human heart and to cause the reader to understand and feel understood themselves. My aim is to speak the truth — even when ugly, to point to the master Author, and to remind others that because of Christ, life is beautiful.

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  • This Beautiful Blue Book
    What to do when it has been a long day, the older sibs are watching a show late at night, and you really should just go to bed? Crawl under a blanket with a bowl of their popcorn and the BEST book EVER! 😀 (Seriously you guys, microwaved popcorn tastes five times better when eaten while […]
  • The Eclipse Tag
    hey guys 🙂 good-morning, good-evening, good-night, good-1-am. idk what time you’ll read this but hopefully you’re having a good-old-fashioned beautiful day. Liberty @ goneinadream has tagged me for the eclipse tag. you can check out her post here 🙂 Liberty’s questions were: Why did you start a blog? well, i started my blog My Attic Corner right […]
  • upside-down: a poem
    hey all =) i’ve got to see life from more perspectives this past year than i have in my whole life before that. it’s been really interesting to learn new things about people and life and see things differently. here’s a poem i wrote a little while ago from something that was impressed upon me […]

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