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Hi guys! I’m a home educated aspiring Christian author and I live in Arizona with my parents and six siblings. I enjoy reading, writing, working with wood, airsofting, swordfighting, hiking, camping, shooting, Frisbee, and friends. My life goal is to honor God and be conformed into the image of His Son, and my goal is for my writing to reflect this to the core.

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  • Review Survey
    As an author, I know how important reviews are. Every so often I’ll go check on Goodreads or Amazon to see if anyone has reviewed my book. I may be a bit odd with what I think, but my favorite review on TAT was a three star review that said my book made them cry, […]
  • Still Alive
    Nate stepped up to the podium and tapped the mic to see if it was on. Max gave him a thumbs-up from the sound booth and Nate cleared his throat. “We’ve gathered you all here,” he said to the group of reporters that crammed the room, “To make an official statement regarding the rumors that […]
  • New Secrets
    “Wow, this whole building is bigger than I thought,” Ben commented as he and Charlie descended the stairs into the basement. “I wish we had brought Behr with us.” “Oh, you know how he is now,” Charlie laughed. “More fond of a nap than a walk. Remember how he used to carry you around?” “Of […]

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