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Hi guys! I’m a home educated aspiring Christian author and I live in Arizona with my parents and six siblings. I enjoy reading, writing, working with wood, airsofting, swordfighting, hiking, camping, shooting, Frisbee, and friends. My life goal is to honor God and be conformed into the image of His Son, and my goal is for my writing to reflect this to the core.

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  • TAT Blog Tour (Day 6)
    Dispatch #456. 7/13/18 Commander Cyr to Officers Maxwell, Billings, Sanford, and Farewell at Headquarters. The convention has  been busy. Yesterday went pretty well. I sold four books, which is not a ton, but pretty good. I tied Maggie for first place of number of copies sold (Kate did get six, but it was two of […]
  • TAT Blog Tour (Day 5)
    If you were to stop by the Mission HQ building today and ask for the commander, you would be informed that he isn’t in at the moment. It would probably be Secretary Lennox who told you, though you may have happened to run into Max as he took a walk in the sunshine. Yes, I […]
  • TAT Blog Tour (Day 4)
    “You’re back!” Nate exclaimed as I entered the Mission HQ room. “How’d it go?” “Pretty good,” I answered with a wide smile. “Set up is always my favorite time of the convention! The Generation Rising booth looks great, and the Boys Adventure Toys is pretty awesome too. I wish you guys could have been there!” “Well, […]

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