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Hi guys! I’m a home educated aspiring Christian author and I live in Arizona with my parents and six siblings. I enjoy reading, writing, working with wood, airsofting, swordfighting, hiking, camping, shooting, Frisbee, and friends. My life goal is to honor God and be conformed into the image of His Son, and my goal is for my writing to reflect this to the core.

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  • It’s that Time Again!
    Time has passed, as time tends to do, and once again I find myself looking back and asking, “Has Family Camp really come and gone again?” And the answer doesn’t change. It came, and it is gone. Days don’t pass any slower because they have been anticipated for an entire year. I’m actually kinda glad […]
  • Inside Job
    “It’s like he doesn’t have time for us anymore,” Nate complained as he slumped against the wall. “He doesn’t, that’s plain and simple,” Max replied as he opened a plastic case and pulled out two thin metal tools. “Between West-Mec and concurrent enrollment, he’s never been so busy in all his life.” “Come on, it’s […]
  • Borrowed Time
    It was Wednesday night after our Equip Bible study. My younger brother Micah and I were driving home in “Ol’ Betsy,” singing Les Misérables songs at the top of our voices (you can do that in my truck since nobody else can hear you.) We were in the middle of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. The light […]

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