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Hi guys! I’m a home educated aspiring Christian author and I live in Arizona with my parents and six siblings. I enjoy reading, writing, working with wood, airsofting, swordfighting, hiking, camping, shooting, Frisbee, and friends. My life goal is to honor God and be conformed into the image of His Son, and my goal is for my writing to reflect this to the core.

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RSS Brainstorms With Rain
  • Writer’s Block Strikes Again!
    “Arrahhhghh!” I exclaimed, throwing my pen across the room at the stats screen for Operation Redemption. “Why won’t things just get moving! We’re finally in the low point, for crying out loud, and we’re stuck!” “We’ll get it moving soon,” Allen said, trying to be helpful. “During Operation Flame we…” “That’s the other problem!” I […]
  • Finals Prep Mutiny
    “Call to arms!” I exclaimed as I burst through the door to Mission HQ. “Fall out! Man your battle stations!” “What’s the problem?” Max demanded, jumping to his feet. “Are we going to work on writing?” Allen asked excitedly. “Did Writer’s Block get out?” Nate questioned, flinging open his desk drawer and pulling out a […]
  • It’s That Time Again!
    “Today is the day, boys!” Max exclaimed as he entered the Mission HQ room. “What’s so special about today?” Nate yawned. “You interrupted my nap!” “Is the commander planning on writing today?” Allen asked excitedly. “It would be great to get Operation Redemption finished so we can get Levi back here at the HQ office!” […]

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