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Hi! I’m an average guy seeking to glorify God. I am a lifelong learner and a devout creative. I write to encourage my readers and provide meaningful entertainment. You can follow my blog if you want to hear more from my crazy brain. 🙂

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  • Save the Microbes
    Mars is not a nice place to live. In fact, it’s so not a nice place to live, nobody lives there… yet. Developers are looking at all the open land and considering how it could potentially be turned into a tropical deepspace getaway with parrots and bananas. A nice place for your summer home. The […]
  • Kiera and Crossroads, Related???
    TODAY I HAVE MY SISTER, KATE WILLIS, AUTHOR AND INTERNET PERSONALITY, ON HERE TO CHAT ABOUT HER BOOK AND MY BOOK, BECAUSE WE COULDN’T HELP BUT CONNECT THEM AND WE THINK THAT’S COOL. My voice sounds like this. Kate’s voice sounds like this. All of you have heard about my book, Crossroads. Some of you […]
  • Caught and Debriefed
    High in the sky, in an unescapable craft without parachutes, I sit strapped to something metal and prepare to be interrogated. There are questions I do not want to answer, but the results of this debriefing will determine my future. The last debriefing was a year ago! Where have you been? Um… I could tell […]

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