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Hi! I’m an average guy seeking to glorify God. I am a lifelong learner and a devout creative. I write to encourage my readers and provide meaningful entertainment. You can follow my blog if you want to hear more from my crazy brain. 🙂

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  • 7 Tips for Victorian Happiness
    Avoid puddles at all cost. Puddles are the number one cause of pneumonia and pneumonia is the number one cause of death Don’t use the stairs. These are built to kill and are especially dangerous if you are given over to fainting spells or have a breakable neck. Always turn down the gas. If you are going to live […]
  • Book Review: Counted Worthy by Leah Good
    “Heather Stone lives in fear of repeating the past, yet she continues doing the one thing that could trigger another disaster. When the police trace an illegal Bible to her house, Heather’s world begins to crumble. Her father’s life hangs in the balance. No one with the power to help knows or cares. If she […]

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