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Hi! I’m an average guy seeking to glorify God. I am a lifelong learner and a devout creative. I write to encourage my readers and provide meaningful entertainment. You can follow my blog if you want to hear more from my crazy brain. 🙂

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  • Novel Y: From the Trenches
    Hi guys! I’ve actually been writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This started on July 20th. I began with a blank slate and barely a written plot. Currently, I’m just past 20,000 words Why??? Because I have an arch nemesis. Malachi Cyr writes very quickly. I was finally able to catch up to him once. 😀 But now he’s above 25,000 […]
  • Novel Y: The Beginning
    Novel X (the original name for Crossroads) has needed a sequel for a while. So I’m writing it. It is hereby dubbed with the secret name of Novel Y. Its plot is going to be a little different than Crossroads, but I’m really enjoying getting back into the setting and getting to know the characters some […]
  • Save the Microbes
    Mars is not a nice place to live. In fact, it’s so not a nice place to live, nobody lives there… yet. Developers are looking at all the open land and considering how it could potentially be turned into a tropical deepspace getaway with parrots and bananas. A nice place for your summer home. The […]

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