We are young homeschooled writers,

Ordinary people with a passion for Christ and good books.
It is only by His helping hand and the encouragement of our families, friends, and each other that mere ideas now sit in our hands as books.
Our writing skills may not be amazing yet, but we are always learning and improving, working towards excellence. 

Kate Willis

Author of The Treasure Hunt, The Twin Arrows, Enjoy the Poodle Skirt, Red Boots, and Kiera

Justus A. Platt

Author of His Father's Command.

Susie Hubler

Author of The Mystery and the Mansion- and other short stories, and True.

Tanner Froreich

Author of The Blue Blur: A Mission Given.

Maggie Joy

Author of The Star Under the City, and A German.

Paul Willis

Author of Crossroads, and Diamond.

Julia Hubler

Author of The Holistic Homestead.

Malachi Cyr

Author of Through All Things.


Author of Levi's Grouchy Day, and Garden Day